New Orleans: Spring Breakin’ in the Big Easy

            There are few things in this world more magical than sitting in New Orleans Musical Legend Park and listening to the crooning of Steamboat Willie as they play The House of the Rising Sun. By a string of little miracles, I found myself there in March.             New Orleans is a mistress that goes by many names: the Big… Read more →

Bigger Than Kesha

In light of the recent Kesha trial, and some of the ignorant comments I have seen from sensible people about “crying wolf” and victim blaming, I wanted to share with you my personal experiences with sexual assault along with a few stories about close friends of mine. I know this isn’t on par with the usual things that I write… Read more →

The Long Distance Relationship Saga

I met my best friend Katelynn when I was fourteen years old at a band (The Maine) meet and greet at the mall. We are from different cities that are right next to each other and went to different high schools. When we met, we bonded over a love of the same music and that was pretty much where our… Read more →

IDK About You… But I’m No Longer 21

One day, you are seven years old with ponytails and crooked bangs that you cut yourself. You are stoked about turning seven because that means you are getting presents. That is pretty much all that a birthday means. Look at the excitement in my tiny, smile-line-free face. Looking at pictures of me when I was younger makes me realize that my at-risk chin… Read more →

Not Just Cowboys and Saloons

I was born in Mesa, Arizona. A pretty good summation of Mesa is in this picture below, taken by my friend Brian Lane. When you live in a place like Mesa, it is easy to assume that most of Arizona is like it: dry, very little greenery, unbelievably hot from April-September. In no way am I bashing my hometown, I… Read more →

Cleaning My Closet: A Love/Hate Story

Forever 21 stole my heart when I was 16 and has yet to fully return it. Truthfully, it was Forever 21 that led me to fall in love with my favorite, though much more expensive designers: Calvin, Steve, Marc, and CB. Since I was young, I always had a thing for wearing the best clothes and being ahead of the curve (which I… Read more →