Friends and soon to be friends,

Welcome! My name is Haley, pronounced like the comet, and I have one true love: places I’ve never seen. Right now, I am finishing up my senior year at Northern Arizona University in stunning Flagstaff, Arizona, which is where I planted roots at 18. I grew up in Mesa, Arizona (Phoenix, for those of you that don’t know Arizona’s geography) and have lived a beautiful life filled with cacti and unbeatable sunsets.

I am a natural born introvert with a hard head and a love for all things furry. My dog is my favorite person. I also love food, my GoPro, yoga, whiskey, painting, and organizing my planner. Originally, my ultimate life plan was to become a doctor of Audiology and save the world. Somewhere between coming to college and graduating, I decided to change my path.

While most of my family and friends reside in Mesa, I have decided to cancel my five year plans and pursue the life of a vagabond. Along the way, I will feature photographs and videos (which were taken by me unless otherwise stated) as well as some of my favorite people. Follow me on my journeys filled with out-of-this-world adventure and never ending love stories about this planet.


selfie selfie 2


(Photos taken in Phoenix, New Orleans, Page, and Sedona respectively)